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Web Policy

Guiding Principles, Criteria, and Considerations

At Subud Canada, we are committed to creating a secure and user-friendly digital environment for both our members and visitors. Our website policy adheres to principles that protect personal information while making essential resources and information easily accessible.

Privacy of Personal Information:

Members’ personal information should not be accessible to the general public or susceptible to harvesting by internet search engines. ‘Personal information’ includes, but is not limited to, home addresses, email addresses (unless explicit permission is granted), and telephone numbers (unless explicit permission is granted).

Website Accessibility and Navigation

The website should be user-friendly for both members and non-members, ensuring easy access and intuitive navigation.

Content Relevance:

The website should host content that is useful, interesting, informative, and beneficial, tailored to the needs and interests of Subud members.

Member-Exclusive Information:

Sections containing information intended only for members will be secured with password protection.

Website Structure for Subud Canada

The website will be segmented into two main areas:

Members Area (Password-Protected):

This section includes:

  • Membership Directory & Quick List: This information is confidential and not to be shared or sold to non-members or external entities.
  • Minutes from National Congress, AGM, National Committee, and National Council meetings.
  • Subud Canada Bylaws.
  • Organization Handbook, encompassing Policies & Procedures.
  • Talks by Bapak and Ibu Rahayu.
  • Specific information about member activities, including names.
  • SCAN newsletter.
  • Registration requirement: Members must register with the Subud Canada Webmaster. Access requires a User Name and Password.

Public/Open Area (No Password Required):

This section includes:

  • A concise description of Subud.
  • Brochures and introductory materials about Subud for enquirers.
  • Contact information for Canadian representatives (subject to their consent).
  • Excerpts from publicly available publications like ‘Susila Budhi Dharma’.
  • Information about the Subud ‘Wings’, such as SD Canada.
  • Application forms for new members.
  • Links to International Subud websites (e.g., ISC) and contacts.
  • A log-on screen and instructions for registering to access the Members Area.