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How To Join Subud

Subud welcomes individuals from all walks of life, regardless of religious or cultural backgrounds, to join and experience the unique spiritual exercise known as the Latihan Kejiwaan. 

Subud Canada

A simple guide on how you can become a member of Subud:

Express your interest

Reach out to Subud Canada through our contact page or get in touch with a local Subud group near you. Expressing your interest is the first step towards understanding what Subud offers.

Attend an Introductory Meeting

Attend an introductory meeting where you can learn more about Subud, the Latihan, and meet members of the community who have had long time experience with the Latihan (called "Helpers"). This meeting aims to provide a clear understanding of what to expect as a Subud member.

Three Month Familiarization

Following the introductory meeting, a three-month period of familiarization provides you with the opportunity to delve deeper into Subud's principles and practices. This period is not about forcing or rushing, but rather about allowing yourself to organically absorb the information and experiences offered.

Experience the Opening

The Opening is your initial experience of the Latihan. It is conducted in the presence of other Subud members, who will accompany you on this first experience. It normally takes about 3 months of weekly meeting to get to the step of the Opening.

Regular Attendance

After the Opening, you are encouraged to attend group Latihans on a regular basis. Regular attendance helps deepen your experience and understanding of the Latihan, and fosters a sense of community with other members.

Engage with the Community

Subud is not just about the personal spiritual experience, but also about building a supportive and understanding community. Engage with other members, attend social events, and consider volunteering to support community activities.

Continous Learning Experience

The journey in Subud is one of continuous learning and personal growth. Participate in discussions, read Subud literature, and remain open to the unfolding experiences as you continue your spiritual journey within the Subud community.

Ready to Embark on a Journey of Inner Discovery?

Take the first step towards a fulfilling spiritual exploration. By joining Subud, you become part of a nurturing community dedicated to personal growth and mutual understanding.