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Subud Latihan

Unveiling the Heart of Subud Practice

Subud Latihan, meaning “spiritual exercise” in Indonesian, stands apart from conventional religious practices. It involves spontaneous movements and sounds that arise from our innermost being – our unique inner self– a true expression of the human soul, transcending religion, doctrine, or specific techniques.

Embracing the Latihan: A Journey Towards Inner Tranquility

The origins of Subud Latihan trace back to Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, known as Bapak. In 1925, at the age of 24, Bapak experienced a transformative series of spiritual events that elevated his consciousness, enabling him to share the Latihan with others.

The acronym Subud is derived from Susila Budhi Dharma, a phrase with Sanskrit roots, meaning “the way of life in harmony with the will of God.” Bapak established Subud as an international organization to promote the practice of Subud Latihan among its members.

The Essence of Subud Latihan Practice

At the heart of Subud is the Latihan Kejiwaan, commonly known as latihan. This spiritual exercise facilitates a profound connection between the individual and the divine, enabling alignment with one’s inner self in resonance with the power of God.

Latihan is an organic expression of the human soul, awakened by divine grace, rather than a learned technique. It commences with the intention of opening one’s self fully to the inner experience of God’s power, followed by a relaxed state of mind and body, open to spontaneous movements or sounds emanating from within. These expressions, which can range from walking and dancing to singing, laughing, or sitting in stillness, are guided by the inner self, not premeditated. During latihan, individuals remain conscious and can stop at any time, ensuring its personal and intimate nature.