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Subud Canada Groups
Subud Canada Groups
Subud Canada Groups
Subud Canada Members
Subud Canada Groups

Our community, which is in the peaceful Fraser Valley, thrives on deep reflection and helping each other. Here, spirituality and the natural rhythms come together to create a place where people can grow together, getting strength from the beauty of our surroundings.

Subud Montreal is full of different kinds of spiritual energy and is right in the middle of Canada’s cultural mosaic. Our community is a mix of different traditions, ideas, and shared experiences. It is located in the historic and lively city of Montreal. Here, members come together to think, feel united, and celebrate their own growth as well as the growth of the group as a whole. 

Find a neighbourhood where the energy of the city meets the peace of spirituality. Subud Toronto is an urban retreat for growth and connection. It combines the busy energy of the city with quiet times for reflection and friendship. In Canada’s busy heart, you can have deep experiences and real connections.

Subud Vancouver is a place of peace and awakening, surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sound of the Pacific Ocean. Our community is a perfect mix of spiritual exploration and stunning natural beauty where You can find balance and inner peace.

Amidst the beauty of the Vancouver Island, Subud Victoria grows as a spiritual haven where people can find comfort and wisdom. Deep personal relationships and spiritual journeys can grow in this small community setting, which is made even better by the peaceful surroundings and welcoming nature of our members.

Subud West & East Regions

From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, Subud’s East and West Regions are home not only to the larger Subud groups, but also to the many smaller Subud communities and individual members across eastern and western Canada. 

Eastern and Western Regional Committees and Helpers support and connect members through regional events and latihans and offer information and guidance to those wishing to learn more about Subud.

If you feel drawn to explore the Subud experience for yourself, we invite you to join us on
the path and see where it leads you. No two journeys are alike, but we are all one in spirit.

Subud Ottawa, located in the charming and vital capital of Canada, has a deep history of providing support to the needs of people seeking spiritual connection through the Subud latihan. Currently in a location transition period, they continue to offer welcoming spiritual  information regarding the Subud practise, and schedules and locations for the latihans.

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