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Subud Canada

c/o Subud Toronto, 2170 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON Canada M4C 1K3

Charity Information

Charity Name: Subud Canada / 119204774RR0001 Charity Status: Registered Effective Date of Status: 1984-01-01

Subud Canada Groups Contacts

Subud Fraser Valley

Langley Teachers’ Association 201– 5786 Glover Rd, Langley Simon Beck (604) 888-7223

Subud Toronto

2170 Danforth Ave. Toronto, Ont. M4C 1K3 [email protected] (Mark)
[email protected] (Magdalena)
[email protected] (Edgar)

Subud Victoria

First Metropolitan 932 Balmoral Road, Victoria BC
Lillian and Samuel 250-479-0383

Subud Montreal

6775 rue de Bordeaux Montréal QC H2G2S3 (514) 729-1421 Raphaëlle Chapleau (450) 466-5172

Subud Vancouver

3925 Fraser Street Vancouver, BC V5V4E5 604-872-2811

Subud Ottawa

Eliora Hall 613-868-1840

Subud West & East Regions

West: [email protected] East : [email protected] (Joharia Gamblin) East: [email protected] (Eliora Hall) East: [email protected] (Valentine)