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How Subud is Different

About Subud

There are many paths to gain spiritual awareness and growth. Traditionally, various religions and philosophical writings have been the means for generations of people searching for a higher meaning in life. 

More recently in modern times, the focus has shifted more to personal explorations through practices such as meditation and mindfulness. All of these practices serve as valuable guides to living a meaningful and ethical life.

How is Subud Different?

Subud is different in some fundamental ways. For example, unlike established religions, the practice of Subud does not adhere to a creed or set of beliefs. Subud members are free to develop their own set of beliefs or to continue with their own religious practice. 

Our members hail from all over the world and are from various religions or from none. 

Many people find that the latihan deepens their religious beliefs; others find comfort in the freedom they have without the restrictions of religious dogma or belief system. Subud welcomes those from different religions and equally those from none.

The Subud Latihan

Subud practice is unique in that the focus is on the individual and his or her personal connection with the Divine, whether perceived as God, the Almighty, the Great Creator or Life Force. Subud members attend a regular spiritual practice called the Latihan, a spontaneous spiritual experience during which the pressures of the heart and mind are lifted, enabling members to receive their own personal inner spiritual guidance. 

Is the Latihan a Meditation?

Although sounding somewhat similar to meditation, the latihan practice is very different in that there is no mantra, force of will, or active steps needed to achieve a spiritual connection nor is there a set of teachings required to achieve spiritual progress. The heart of Subud practice is surrendering the desires and demands of the heart and mind and directly receiving guidance, (the will of God), to help live a full and meaningful life.

An Individual Experience

Although Subud members do the latihan together, each individual receives for him or herself the guidance and spiritual connection that is personal to them. There may be some similarities and shared experiences but the heart of the matter is that we are all individuals and through the latihan we are each guided towards our true potential both in our spiritual and our material lives.

For those wishing to find out more about Subud, feel free to contact someone in your area through our website.