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Subud Montreal

Subud Montreal:

Our Latihan hall, on rue de Bordeaux, is in the middle of Montreal. It is a  place for people who want to grow spiritually and connect with others. You can get away from the noise and chaos of the city at Subud Montreal, a calm place where you can practice Latihan, and meet like minded members.

Subud Montreal welcomes people from diverse religions and nationalities, whether you are new to spiritual practice or want to deepen one you already have.

This urban oasis is where you will find a community ready to welcome newcomers and share the deep experience of the latihan

Dedicated Latihan Sessions

Our schedule accommodates the diverse needs of our community, offering multiple opportunities throughout the week for Latihan.

Come with us and start your spiritual journey.



If you are in Montreal and have any questions regarding Subud or would like to know latihan schedules, email us at  [email protected] or contact Raphaelle at: 514-729-1421