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Documents for Subud Canada Organization


Stay informed about Subud Canada’s developments with our archive of AGM minutes and budgets from the past ten years. Click here to access detailed records of our annual meetings and financial overviews, offering transparency and insights into our organizational progress and planning.

Dive into the core operational guidelines of Subud Canada with our 2006 Policy & Procedures Manual. This document provides a detailed outline of the standards, protocols, and procedures in place, offering a historical perspective on how our organization has been managed and governed. The Policies and Procedures Manual is currently being updated by the Subud Canada Board and will be posted when completed.

Discover the essential guide for Subud Canada members. This Members’ Guide is your go-to resource for understanding the community’s practices, values, and activities, providing a comprehensive overview to help you navigate and engage effectively within the Subud community.

Begin your journey with Subud Canada by accessing our Member Application Form. This form is the first step for those interested in joining our community, providing a straightforward process to submit your details and express your commitment to the principles and practices of Subud

Efficiently manage your Subud-related expenses with our downloadable Expense Claim Form. Available in MS Word format, this form simplifies the process of submitting and tracking reimbursement requests for expenses incurred during Subud activities and events

Stay informed about the evolving landscape of the Subud Canada Housing Fund (SCHF) with our detailed documents on proposed changes to Operating Policies. This section offers a clear comparison between old and new policies, a comprehensive explanation of the reasons behind these proposed changes, and the revised loan application form. These resources are invaluable for understanding the strategic adjustments aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and accessibility of the SCHF

Bylaws, etc.

Explore the foundational aspects of Subud Canada through our accessible collection of bylaws and related organizational documents. Click here to gain a comprehensive understanding of the governing principles, structures, and regulations that shape our community and operations.

Get up-to-date with the latest operational framework of Subud Canada in our 2016 Policy & Procedures Manual. This updated edition includes comprehensive details on the current duties of officers, reflecting the evolving roles and responsibilities within our organization for more effective governance and administration.

Gain insights into the purpose and contents of the Subud Canada Members’ Guide. This section offers an overview of the guide, highlighting its key features and how it serves as an invaluable tool for members to connect with and understand the essence of the Subud community

Step forward in your Subud journey with the New Helper Application Form. Designed for members aspiring to become helpers, this form guides you through the application process, detailing the requirements and commitments involved in taking on this vital role within the Subud community.

Delve into the Subud Canada Housing Fund (SCHF) through our comprehensive collection of documents. 

  • SCHF Policies and Procedures (July 2017)
  • SCHF Report to 2013 AGM
  • SCHF 2012 & 2011 financial statements
  • SCHF Operating Policies approved at the 1989 AGM
  • SCHF Future Directions – presentation for workshop

Each document offers valuable insights into the fund’s operations, financial health, and strategic planning, essential for members interested in the progress and governance of SCHF.