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Crescent Beach Registration – June 21 to 23, 2024

This information is being sent to all individual Subud members in Canada and to many of our US brothers and sisters in the Pacific North West.

Well, here it is – the registration package for this year’s Crescent Beach Family Gathering!

Starting at 4.00 pm on Friday June 21 and finishing at 2.00 pm on Sunday June 23, the weekend will largely follow the successful format of the many previous family gatherings at this ideal location. Plenty of opportunities, for latihan, testing, walks beside the ocean, visits to the nearby village for ice-cream and other treats, catching up with old friends, making new ones and simply hanging out, relaxing and doing nothing!

And, of course, we will be celebrating Bapak’s birthday on June 22!

This year, we would really like to encourage you to bring your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (and even someone else’s children!), to this child-friendly spot. Adena and Michelle von Hahn have lots of great ideas for youth activities, some of which might also attract the child in us older members.

Whether you will be attending the World Congress in Indonesia in July or not,we extend this invitation to all Subud members, wherever you live in Canada and the United States.

All registration details and the various options are provided in the attached package, together with a link to the gathering website ( that Maemunah Doran has, once again, set up. 

Subud Family Gathering 2024

Please contact Maemunah at [email protected] or 250 686 7737 if you have any “techy questions” about how to complete the online registration.

The overall format for the weekend will be similar to previous year, but if you have any special workshops or activities that you would like to offer, please contact Dave Hitchcock at [email protected] or 250 370 1291.

If you want to sleep over (see the options in the registration package), but are unable to bring bedding with you, some bedding and towel packages will be available, thanks to Paul Edwards. Please note this on your registration.

Kumari Beck has volunteered to cater dinner on Friday night and breakfast on Saturday morning and the remaining meals will be provided by the Alexandra Centre. Snacks will be provided for those “in-between meal” nibbles.

And, of course, there will be the usual cultural (entertainment) evening on Saturday. Ramon Kubicek (SICA Canada Chair) will be coordinating those willing to share their talents, so please contact him if you would like to participate at [email protected]

The attached package lists the various registration options for overnight and day visitors. Meals can be ordered as a package for the whole weekend or separately, as required. Despite a significant increase in the rental rate for the use of the Alexandra Centre, thanks to another generous contribution by Subud Vancouver we have managed to keep the registration rates as affordable as possible. However, if the cost is prohibitive for you, financial support is available. Please don’t be shy to ask!

If you have any questions about, or suggestions for, the weekend, please contact Dave Hitchcock at [email protected] or 250 370 1291. 

Your Organizing Team and Western Regional Helpers look forward to being with you in June.

It is really appreciated when folks register early, as it makes the planning and organization of the gathering so much easier. Here are some critical dates:

Early Bird cut off for overnight accommodation May 14
Final registration deadline (overnighters, day visitors and meals)June 14
Dates of gatheringJune 21, 22 and 23


Dave Hitchcock

on behalf of the Regional Helpers and Organizing Team