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Susila Dharma Canada

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What is Susila Dharma Canada?


Susila Dharma Canada (SD Canada) is a charitable non-profit organization, run by volunteers since it’s creation in 1985.

SD Canada assists locally initiated development projects on four continents and facilitates Canadians who want to engage in improving conditions for humans and the planet. In recent years, we have helped provide access to education in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Colombia, care for abandoned babies in Romania, medical care in the Democratic Republic of Congo, hope for mothers with young children imprisoned in Argentina, improved governance and economic development in Indonesia and emergency relief efforts in Cuba, Indonesia and Pakistan. There are many individuals whose lives have been improved through the generosity of Canadians and the dedication of the project leaders.

Through our partnerships with the projects we support, we strive to create a sense of trust and hope, that those in need are not abandoned and that there are people around the world who are willing to share their material abundance, their skills and knowledge.

SD Canada is a voting member of Susila Dharma International Association, a global, member-based network of 23 national Susila Dharma organizations and 47 development projects.


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