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The Latihan

 "You will find your teacher: it is your self, but not your normal self. It is the you within you."      
                                                                          (Subud Founder)   Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo**

    The common  practice for all Subud members  is the Latihan Kedjiwan -  generally referred to
as the Latihan. The term is Indonesian and means training or exercise - an exercise for the soul.
The spiritual exercise is a personal experience resulting from one's surrender to God, of all
thoughts and desires. In this state of inner quiet, one may experience an understanding that
a supreme and divine spiritual force is present in all of life.

    Some might say that the Power of Almighty God is within each living thing. Others, rather than
referring to God, may express this as the Divine, the Great Life Force, the Creator, the Great Spirit
or other similar names. The first Latihan, referred to as the "Opening", is received in the presence
of those members who are simultaneously receiving their own Latihan.  Men and women exercise
separately. After the opening, the new member is encouraged to continue to attend group Latihans
on a regular basis and, by surrendering to God, to follow the spontaneous actions and feelings
that arise from within. Practicing the Latihan cannot be trained for or learned. It does not require
a teacher. In fact, many Subud members would say that their true self - their inner spiritual self - is 
their teacher. The Latihan awakens us or opens us to our true inner self.

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**Los Angeles California, 1963