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International Subud Links

  (Subud Founder)   Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo

International Subud Sites
Information on Subud activities in the world, plus links to official World Subud Association websites
For the general public and others wishing to know more about Subud

Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF)
The website of MSF – the Muhammad Subuh Foundation

Subud Books
The website of Subud Publications International – books by and for Subud members, also audio and video

Subud Projects
Projects, enterprises and endeavours of Subud members

Subud Literature

Subud Stories
True accounts of members’ experiences, open to all…send us your stories

Subud Voice
"SUBUD VOICE exists to help bring us closer together, stimulate and encourage us when we are low and give us a greater sense of involvement in Subud affairs." (Vol. 1 No. 3)

Subud page on Wikipedia
An entry about Subud in the Internet encyclopedia, 'Wikipedia'.

Subud World News - International Subud news, events, initiatives, and contacts – the mouthpiece of WSA.

What is Subud?