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About Subud

The Spiritual Path of Subud

The Subud experience is completely individual and is often connected to one's religious background or belief system.
As such, members who are followers of theistic religions tend to experience the latihan as worship of God while others
may understand and explain their experience in different ways. Some who come to Subud do not follow a particular faith
or religion. Far from being a hindrance to inclusiveness and acceptance of other belief systems, Subud members generally
embrace this diversity and see it as confirmation that all can live together in harmony.

While it is often said that there is no teaching or dogma in Subud, there is a large amount of Subud literature available to
members consisting of talks given by the founder, and in more recent years by his daughter. These talks explain the practice
of the latihan as worship of God based on surrender to the will of God. They are not considered to be teachings but rather
clarifications, explanations and guidance regarding the spiritual path of Subud.  Many books have been written by Subud
members concerning their individual experiences and how following this spiritual path has affected and assisted them in
their lives.

The benefits of Subud are found in the work that it carries out. Susila Dharma, the charitable arm of the association, has
developed and assisted humanitarian projects throughout the world. It associates with NGO's and sits at the table with
agencies supporting and guiding compassionate causes.  As well as its social and humanitarian initiatives,
Subud supports
cultural expression, enterprise development and youth activities.